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The Young Professionals Network is dedicated to making a positive difference in the professions of agriculture management, appraisal and consulting through premier leadership, career development and personal success while transitioning to the next generation of leadership.

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) is your opportunity to get involved in the Society and take your career in farm management, rural property appraising and agricultural consulting to the next level.

  • Network with peers and professionals at the Pioneer sponsored YPN Leadership Workshop during Education Week.
  • Get involved with your local chapter’s YPN group
  • Gain access to AgCareers and mentoring resources to help you advance your career
  • Give back to the community by visiting local colleges and universities to introduce students to careers in the rural property profession and invite them to attend Career Day at Summer Education Week

What is the Young Professionals Network? 

The Young Professionals Network is a sub-group of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers geared towards professionals under the age of 35. The purpose of the YPN is to help young professionals start and/or further their careers in Farm Management, Consulting and Rural Appraisal through education, networking and leadership training. 

What does the YPN do?

The ASFMRA Young Professionals Network is preparing the next generation of Farm Managers, Consultants and Rural Appraisers to be leaders in their professions. The YPN group facilitates networking and leadership opportunities for individuals just getting started in their careers, individuals looking to advance their careers and also those looking for volunteer opportunities.

The YPN hosts a variety of events throughout the year at both the National and Chapter level including the YPN Leadership Training held during Summer Education Week. 

How do I get involved? 

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the YPN Group:

Attend an YPN Event - The easiest way to get involved with the YPN is to attend an event. Check the YPN Upcoming Events to find an event in your area – like the YPN Leadership Workshop at SEW. As Brian Field, ARA, Leadership Committee Chair says, 

“The Young Professionals Network Leadership Workshop at SEW is excellent! I have formed relationships with peers from across the country, learned of ways that I can get more involved in ASFMRA, and also picked up new skills. YPN members that I’ve met are highly motivated and truly represent the best in the ag industry’s next generation!”

Give a class presentation – Think you have what it takes to network with hundreds of ag students? Do you have untapped skills in the art of public speaking? This is a great opportunity to talk to college students about why choosing a career in farm management, consulting or rural appraisal could be a great fit. All ASFMRA members are encouraged to reach out to colleges and universities in their area to give a presentation to Ag Students about pursuing a career in farm management, consulting or rural appraisal and If you are interested in giving a presentation or know someone who is, please contact your district representative for more information. 

Host a career fair booth – Share your expertise with hundreds of young ag students! Hosting a booth at a college or university job fair is a great way to introduce new career opportunities to college students. If you are interested in hosting a career fair booth at your local college or university, please contact Kendra Harrold, Administrative Assistant, for more information. 

Organize an event with your chapter – Networking with other young professionals is a great way to gain new business contacts, friends and information. If you would like to organize an event or get together with other Young Professionals in your area, contact your district representative and chapter secretary for more information. 

Questions? Please contact Kendra Harrold, Administrative Assistant at (303) 692-1226 or

Upcoming Events:

YPN Early Career Evening Event sponsored by Bayer CropScience.  Join your colleagues to celebrate the Early Career Award Winners success with dinner and conversation at Hanyo on the River at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass.  Check out the Annual Conference  agenda for dates and times!

YPN Breakfast at the Annual Conference sponsored by Bayer CropScience

Going Pro and Owning YOUR Own Space!

Date: Thursday, November 1st 6:30 am – 7:30 am 
This is worth getting up early for!  

Careers don’t always go as planned, or at least sometimes it seems that way, really frustrating, right? For a lot of early-career professionals the questions in life aren’t only about success, it’s about balance. Do you find yourself constantly wondering where you are headed next or why you’re even going in that direction? It’s time for you to ACT like a Pro and own YOUR space!

In this morning session, Sarah Beth Aubrey, Principal of Aubrey Coaching & Training, LLC  will talk about what it really means to ACT like a pro, how (and why) she “went pro,” and help you figure out what ACTing like a pro means to you.  She’ll walk you through three key questions: What does it mean to go pro?  How do I take my focus to the next level?  Where should I look for and invest in resources to support my growth? 

See Sarah's video!

Talking through these questions and with fun and humor along the way, you’ll leave session motivated and ready to ACT like a Pro!

Download the Act Like a Pro Ebook!

Does your chapter have a YPN Event coming up? Let us know! Send events to Kendra Harrold at

Contact your District Representative:

Jeffrey Hignight, AFM  Chair, District II

Katie Yoder, District I

Mark Van Den Berg  District III

Clint Kaller, AFM District IV

Justin Patterson, ARA  Vice Chair, District V

Grant Fitzgerald, AFM District VI

Heidi Jamison  District VII


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